Before Gaga, There was Azis !


Azis is a Bulgarian superstar, a very controversial pop singer and a dazzling personage.His sense of extravaganza in fashion and music federated fans not only in Bulgaria or the Balkans but all over the world.

Besides his huge musical talent, his magnificent voice, his extreme intelligence and his particular lifestyle, Azis is also known for his controversial music videos due to very explicit sexual "mise en scène".

Azis started his career singing Bulgarian Chalga (local pop/folk) and released his first album "Болка" (pain) in 1999. Azis is now one of the most influential Bulgarian celebrities of all times, counting about 15 albums, the latest was released this year "Gadna Poroda".

Lately Azis have been compared to Lady Gaga! I find it so unfair, since Azis existed long before Gaga. He was a super star in his country and all over the Balkans, even before Gaga had the idea to sing a note. and if we had to compare here,  it’s lady Gaga who might have been influenced by Azis I must say !!

The drag queen look is one of the particular signs of Azis. When I discovered him a few years ago, I was convinced that he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. But when I knew that his role model was Zeki Muren the Turkish Music icon, it made it all clear.

Azis’s Music is a mix of modernized Bulgarian pop/folk and world music. Romano-Tzigani (gipsy) music is the main signature of most of his albums, but Indian, Turkish & Arabic music is very present as well.

Azis was given a very unique voice by mother nature, he is one of the best male voices in the world, his vocal abilities can stun any musical expert. The diversity of his music & the evolution of his visual identity make Azis one of the most followed performers all over the world.

Confession Full Stop

I just love Azis, the voice, the music, the attitude, & I deeply believe that if we had the chance to meet, he’d be the Gay Best friend I’ve always dreamed to have. 

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  1. what is wrong with that guy???

  2. That's guy? I have doubts..

  3. he's so messed up wtf is wrong with him if he wants to be a girl why does he have a white goatie. Seriously wtf is up with the white goatie.

  4. He is the Best of them All , Nothing Is Wrong With Him, I'd Love to have Him In My Country <3 <3 Oooh Azis...

  5. Love him too! He's kind of an inspiration to me, to be more feminine haha. Can't get enough of his voice and music :)
    There's more than performance. Lady Gaga is just performance. Azis is a real artist.