Family Talent Story : The Lohar’s Chimta

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It’s a father & son story from Pakistan . The father, Alam Lohar, was born in a small Punjabi village of British india at the time, into a family of blacksmiths “Lohar” being the urdu translation.

Alam Lohar begun singing as a child, he recorded his first album at the age of 13, the young boy started touring villages & singing in local religious celebrations. Growing up, he developed a unique way of singing the Punjabi folk tale. Sufi kalaam & poetry were the essential part of his lyrics.

Alam Lohar’s magnificent voice was enough, in a time technology was not needed in music, he used to sing non stop all night long & his strong voice reached his public without even using a microphone.

“JUGNI” the most popular Punjabi standard was created by Alam Lohar, his discography remains one of the most important in Hindo-Pakistani Punjabi folk music.

Alam Lohar is considered as one of the most emblematic Pakistani artists of all times, he performed Punjabi music internationally & received many prestigious awards, he was the first to make Punjabi music popular outside of its home land.

Alam Lohar was not only an exceptional performer, but a great musician & poet as well, he was one of the rare people to use the “Chimta” & develop it & also write his own song lyrics.

Alam lohar’s hundred of songs constitute the majority of the classical Punjabi folk library, which still inspires all the Punjabi singers from both Pakistan & India nowadays.

Alam Lohar’s sadly died in an accident in 1979, but his art is still living thanks to the great archive he left & thanks to his talented son, Arif Lohar, who continued what his father started.

Arif Lohar is one of the top list Pakistani singers & one of best rated Punjabi folk singers at an international level.

The father & son resemblance is incredible, the same physique, the same voice & the same talent. Arif Lohar plays the “Chimta” as his father did before him & sings Punjabi folk & sufi kalaam. He is perpetuating a family tradition & continuing his father’s journey

Arif Lohar’s mission was to develop the Punjabi folk & bring it to another level. Technology & music fusion was the key to the renewal of the genre.

His live Coke studio album “JUGNI” released in 2010, was the consecration of many years of research & creation. It’s a career maturity album that took his music to an upper stage.

Punjabi Folk, Sufi Kalaam, Chimta & great gift of God’s voices, that’s what made the Lohars one of the greatest artistic “lignées” in the history of Hindo-Pakistani music.

The Father & Son ressemblance : Lohar's Talent DNA

Alam Lohar - Jugni

Arif Lohar - Jugni

Arif Lohar's Excellent release : the Coke Studio Live Album

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