A unique character pops out of The Young Professionals "TYP" latest videos "D.I.S.C.O" & "20 Seconds", & it’s not less than Uriel Yekutiel Israel’s most fabulous Drag queen, a Nightlife personality & "ARISA" promo videos actor & dancer.

The Young Professionals TYP - D.I.S.C.O

The Young Professionals TYP - 20 Seconds

This early twenties  Freddie Mercury’s clone with Afghan-Yemenite DNA, made a name through Tel Aviv’s most powerful themed parties in gay clubs "ARISA".

The videos starring Uriel Yekutiel & Israeli model Eliad Cohen -who are considered quite the gorgeous couple of the Gay community but who are not more than friends in real life- are made by the two owners of ARISA : Omer Tobi as a Director & Yotam Papo as a Producer.

Uriel Yekutiel’s acting and dancing talents are featured in an Artistically elaborate Music video invitations to ARISA parties. each party a theme, each theme a video & each video an opportunity to discover a new aspect of Uriel Yekutiel’s creative personality. It’s an open invitation to Laugh, Dance & enjoy Amazing Music.

Chocolat, a Funny Hisham Abbass Wana Aâmel eih song version

Orthodox religious hot parody

Mama Diali, a touching Sephardic Mama

Basbusa, Egyptian Shaâby revisited

Ahlan wa Sahlan, a funny ode to the Maghreb

The Dora baloon says it all 

We all are Football Fans

Uriel's First Buzz, Ya Nassiny hurts

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