Mawazine”Rhythms of the world” is a world Music Festival that takes place every year by the end of May in Rabat the capital of Morocco to promote the image of the country as a tolerant and open to the world nation.

Mawazine, the eleven years old festival, is a week that transforms the city of Rabat into the Music capital of the world, each neighborhood a stage, and each stage a musical style : “Nahda” for Oriental,  “Bouregreg” for African, “Sale beach” for Moroccan, “OLM” for International, “Chellah” for Ethnic, “Mohamed V theater” for Variety and “Bahnini theater” previously “Villa des Arts” for Spiritual.  

Mawazine is one of a long series of Moroccan festivals that promote cultural tourism in Morocco. Mawazine has been given a worldwide credit for being one of the best music festivals nowadays, where music is truly without borders and most importantly open to the public.

As a citizen of Rabat, and as a Music lover and world music enthusiast, I enjoy everything about Mawazine festival every year. I see it as a big opportunity to promote the beautiful city of Rabat as a cultural and touristic destination. It is also a great opportunity for Moroccan people to cheer up and discover Music from many different places of the world and a nice cultural exchange event between the local and foreign artists.

For me May is for Mawazine and that’s what I’ve been doing in Mays of the last couple of years.

Faiz Ali Faiz (Pakistan) Mawazine 2009 Chellah

Alim Qasimov (Azerbaidjan) Mawazine 2009 Chellah

The Chemirani Brothers (Iran) Mawazine 2010 Chellah

Fareeda Parveen (Bangladesh) Mawazine 2010 Chellah

Kudsi Erguner (Turkey) Mawazine 2010 Chellah

Bharati (India) Mawazine 2011 OLM

Gocoo (Japan) Mawazine 2011 Mohamed V Theater

Arshad Ali Khan (India) Mawazine 2011 Chellah

Egschiglen (Mongolia) Mawazine 2011 Chellah

Joe Cocker (UK) Mawazine 2011 OLM

Lionel Richie (USA) Mawazine 2011 OLM


Sharon Shannon (Ireland) Mawazine 2011 Chellah

Souad Massi (Algeria) Mawazine 2011 Mohamed V Theater

The 2012 Mawazine Festival program is now available on 

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