There's nothing better than my Pakistani Musical Coke. Fresh, Creative and a real Musical explosion. Coke Studio Pakistan , my favorite Musical show after my childhood french "Taratata" and spanish "Musica Si". A live studio recorded Music performances featuring eclectic Pakistani Artists. The concept was born in Brasil where it's called Estudio Coca-Cola and based on live concert recordings.

Coke Studio Pakistan started in 2008 and screening the 5th season now. The program highlights the Musical fusion of the various Pakistani Musical styles; from Qawwali to Bhangra, Sufi and classical mixed up with modern sounds as Rock, Hip-Hop and Pop.

Critically acclaimed, the show helped promoting local Artists and renewing local Folk. The new generations discovered Music on a different way. Coke Studio Pakistan remains one of the most successful Music laboratories in Asia.

Thanks to the Pakistani version of the show and the Asian success, Coke Studio became an international franchise. The Indian version "Coke Studio India " aired on MTV India in 2011, the Arab version of the show " Coke Studio Bel Arabi" was launched by the MBC in 2012.

I do believe that the Best Music is made by the Pakistani version, the Indian one is still in progress and the Arabic version is new but it will probably be a good opportunity to the middle-easterns to make and discover some different Musical approach.

Since talking about the Pakistani Coke Studio makes it obligatory to bring some real good Music to the table, i made this video selection for you and of course if you want more check the official Coke Studio Pakistan website

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