In one of those remote control tours of the Nilesat, you could easily note that the Arabic Music nowadays sounds like one of those Haifa Wehbe junk songs : soulless with too much silicone and too little talent.

Rotana the biggest Arabic Music label and entertainment broadcaster and many similar mainstream Arabic Music makers produce Music that don’t sound or look like we do!

We , the Arabic youth with our problems, our everyday life, our dreams and our hopes don’t feel concerned with what’s going on in the Nilesat !!

But where is the Music?

Certainly not on TV !!

A bunch of young people who look like us, dress like us, talk like us, full of talent and creativity decided to make Music and fortunately those Artists are everywhere in the Arabic region and their Music translates our heart beat and it’s called : Alternative Arabic Music.

Representing Jordan :

Arabic Rock band formed in 2003 first known by their Abdel Haleem Hafez “Kol Ma Gool El Tobah” Cover, they’ve been largely followed in Jordan after the release of their first hit song “Salma”. In a few years, Jadal band became one of the veteran Arabic Rock bands not only in Jordan but in the whole Arabic region

“Autostrad” means the High way, formed in 2007 is a Pop, Reggae, Funk band that came together after the launch of Yazan Al-Rousan Main Singer first Solo album “Telfizion” in 2006 and had to collect musicians from Amman to present the album in several theaters and halls, which had a big success in Jordan. After one year a decision was made to start performing together as a band and the Album came out in 2009  

A Drummer/Percussionist and Lyricist  also part of “El Morabba3” band “expression by music is part of a constant strive to understanding our people...always and everywhere.. but from these banks of the river..the river of Jordan..known by all of the Abrahamic religions and taken hostage by all history's home.. .is where am starting...” he proudly says

Since 2007 this 4 members band Arabic Grunge/Punk/Rock, write songs where tunes are hybrid of their main eclectic Rock influences

Representing Lebanon :

Talented singer and songwriter since 1990. Her music is a perfect mix between the traditional Arabic music and the western sounds. Tania’s songs are mostly about the daily worries of society,  love, hate and what’s in between  

"Overnight Project" is a Lebanese seven-member alternative rock band formed in Beirut in 2008 in a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. Mashrou’ Leila has released two controversial albums due to their satirical themes and lyrics

At the beginning there was soapkills: electro minimalist duo founded in 1999 with Ziad Hamdan, then came Y.A.S : electro pop duo with Mirwais Ahmadzaï founded in 2007 and finaly Yasmine Hamdan plays it solo and releases her 5th album in 2012 with Kuwaidan records. An artist of talent bringing life with Technicolor


Representing Egypt :

A 20 years old rapper from Egypt his music is the voice of the Egyptian revolution, currently living in Cairo and giving many local concerts, the young Nubian Rapper is working on his 1st album a proudly representing Egyptian Rap

A five member band who’s name is a mix between Cairo and Karaoke to symbolize "singing along" and to expresses the bands connection with their audience. They Became famous during the Egyptian revolution with his duet song with Aida El Ayoubi “Ya El Medan” and their Coca Cola advert song

Started Hip Hop with “Asfalt”  in 2005 that he left in 2007 to create “Weghet Nazar”  duo with Mohamed Yasser. Since 2010 he’s working solo and released 3 albums “ El Salam El Bared” is his last

Founded in Alexandria by 4 musicians in 2005 the band sings what the Egyptian society suffers from mixing Oriental Music with Rock, Jazz and Blues

Young Egyptian Actress and Singer, her Music is indentified as contemporary experimental : unconventional mix of Rock, Oriental, Funk and Classical Music fused with a voice imbued with Drama

Representing Tunisia :

Myrath, Oriental Metal band, also known as X-Tazy in 2001. Starting as a group of teenagers playing covers, they released their first album in 2005. Changing the band name to Myrath, they recorded their second album with Kevin Codfert in 2006 and it was their carrier turning point they were signed by the French label Brennus Music, who released their album worldwide in 2007. The albums followed up and the band is now known by its mix between traditional Arabic music and Metal

Tunisian singer, author and composer, revelated by the audience in the first edition of Price RMC Middle East 2006 in Amman. An urban Arab Music mixing the sincerity of her speech to oriental sounds, electro and afro-rock rythmes  

A Reggae Dub Music band from Tunis. With his five members, the band is in a perpetual evolution. The band’s performances and lyrics don’t stop moving in order to push the Tunisian youth to think more about what happens in the country 

This avant-garde Tunisian musician released her first album in 2009 is currently living in London. Her Music is a perfect mix of strong lyrics, oriental sounds and modern beats

Representing Palestine

This British Palestinian Rapper is making a Musical intifada. the young lady of middle eastern rap is raising her voice to speak up what’s happening in Palestine in a form of a what we can call a non-violent revolutionary protest songs

Music composer and Oud, Buzuq, and vocal performer.  His lyrics express a the different faces of human condition. His project “Mir'ah” is his first experimental album released in 2008

Reggae band from the Occupied Golan Heights/ Palestine. they emerged as one of the most talented new bands singing in Arabic a funky African inspired Reggae/ska grooves

Representing Arabia :

This  25  Iranian born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Studied music and sound engineering in Amman, Jordan and currently living in Riyadh is one of the raising stars of the Net this Music Buzz Machine is famous for doing Mainstream Arabic song covers with a very particular harmonic singing technique

Representing Morocco :

The new Moroccan Music scene emerged in the late 90’s with the dynamism of the cultural activism known as the “Nayda” movement

Hoba Hoba Spirit, Darga, H-kayne, Fnaire, Don Bigg, Muslim, Haoussa, Barry, Oum, Khansa Batma, Mazagan … and so many others are the main leader artists of the new Moroccan Music scene

Casa Nayda Documentary by Farida Bel Yazid

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