Ron Fricke (Director) and Mark Magidson (Producer) are back again with Samsara after their 1992 master piece Baraka.

In the same line, Samsara is a non narrative documentary about "humanity's relationship to the eternal".  

Expected to be as breathtaking as the previous, the film was shot in about 100 different locations in 25 countries and took around five years to make. 

Releasing worldwide this summer, Samsara is expending the themes developed in Baraka and its powerful sound and image.

The film is an open invitation to meditate on the relationship of human life cycle and the rhythm of the planet.

Samsara : The Trailer

Baraka : The Movie (Full)

What we need the most in this world is to get in touch with what we really are. Our original human essence, how we were at the time life started on the planet. Emotions and Spirituality at their raw state.

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