Playlist #2 80s & 90s Moroccan Pop Music


I remember my childhood and all the songs played everywhere in Morocco at the time. From my father's car playlist to summer hits and celebrations music. The Moroccan Pop music of the late 80s and early 90s is a mix of Folk, Rai, Chaâbi, Oriental and Contemporary styles.

Every family trip, every school party, every long day at the beach and every big fat Moroccan wedding carries a memory of songs that will never die.

Songs of my childhood, with all what it represents in terms of joy and airiness. All the Music i was exposed to at the time, which i necessarily didn't chose to listen to, but which certainly influenced my Musical taste for the rest of my life.

A sample of what i remembered listening to as a kid is in the playlist below, i concentrated this one on Moroccan Pop. I will sure post someday another nostalgic childhood playlist with some international hits and oriental songs. 'till then you can still enjoy one of the best of 80s & 90s Moroccan Pop songs.

1. Frères Bouchnak - Hna Madabina

2. Cheb Anouer - Nekri berrah

3. Tyoussi - Samra

4. Cheb Jamal - Meriem

5. Cheb Kader - Sel Dem Drai

6. Aflak – Wa Taâla N’goulik

7. Fayçal - Ya H’bibi Gouli Malek

8. Hafid Fetouaki - Arwah Assahbi N'talaôu L’jbala 

9. Rajae Belemlih - Ya Jara Wadina

10. Saida Fikri - Salouni Ala L’âdab

11. Jedwane - Dak El Khayen

12. Najat Aâtabou -  J’en ai marre

13. Nouamane Lahlou - Bladi Ya Zine El Bouldane

14. Mohamed Saif - Jay Ala Aâoudou

15. Latifa Raafat - Khouyi

16. Mahmoud Migri - Houriya

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