Waking Up Scheherazade is a two volume vinyl compilation of Arabian garage psych nuggets from the late 60s and early 70s, that have been hidden for many many years. The rarest of the rarest from Iran to Morocco. Some great north African and middle eastern early rock trash. 

Finding a nuggets album with psychedelic tracks from the middle east and north Africa is hard. One of the reasons why we hear so little of rock examples from Middle Eastern and Arab countries is not that they do not exist, because especially in the 60s and 70s the whole world was open to modern experiments, but many of such scenes quickly closed down in many countries and were replaced by fascist or other extremely “limiting the freedom of creative expressions” Regimes. These records now, stand proud as the voice of a generation that grabbed the opportunity to create new sounds.

The music on the two compilation is not really very psychedelic, It is rather a mixture of 60s rock and pop with a Middle Eastern twist. The singing is in both English and native tongues and the quality of each track is admirable. The wide range of local instruments and the use of electric piano or keyboards  is something that adds a particular flavor to it, don't expect anything over psychedelic , just some slightly eccentric early oriental rock music.

Waking Up Scheherazade volume 1.

1. Sea-Ders - Thanks A Lot   (Lebanon)
2. El-Abranis - Athedjaladde (Algeria)
3. Simon C Edwards And His Soul Set -I Got You (Lebanon)
4. Morocco - Ela Tho (Armenia/USA)
5. Kouroush - Dil Dasa Per Mesha (Iran)
6. The Kool Kats - Step Out (Lebanon)
7. Nai Bonet - The Seventh Veil (Egypt/USA)
8. Tony Franks & The Hippin' Souls - Last Night - Waking Up Scheherazade (Lebanon)
9. Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra - From The Moon (Lebanon)
10. Raks -  Raks Dance (Persia Iran)
11. Kareem Isaaq & Middle Eastern Rock - Besasha (Arab countries/USA)
12. Ray Psyah - Deep Down Inside (Lebanon)
13. Sea-ders - Undecidedly (Lebanon)
14. El-Abranis - Avetheri A L'afjare - (Algeria)
15. Simon C Edwards & His Soul Band - The Way I Do (Lebanon)
16. Morocco - Opa Kukla (Armenia/USA)

Waking Up Scheherazade volume 2.

1. Wrong Notes - Verequoi (Egypt)
2. Shar Habeel - Dance And Cheer (Soudan)
3. Abdelhadi Belryath (Morocco)
4. Feridun Foroughi - Wals Jackle (Iran)
5. News - Tell Me (Lebanon)
6. Dorid Laham - Tamo Yamo (Syria)
7. Les Freres Megri - Sebar (Morocco)
8. Soli - Music Negar (Iran)
9. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Crazy Woman (Lebanon)
10. Wrong Notes - Oriental Tune (Egypt)
11. Shar Habeel - El Bambi (Soudan)
12. Naïma Samith - Zifaf Filfada (Morocco)
13. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Keep It (Lebanon)
14. Jo And The New Magnifici - Sunshine (Lebanon)

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