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Today the 21 st of June is the international day of Music and the first day of summer.

Two good reasons to celebrate life, Love and Music.

Since I don't have enough time to blog, I take this opportunity to share with you a selection of my favorite World Music picks of the moment.

Twenty one songs I hope you enjoy.

1- Radio Tarifa - Jota Berbere                        
2- Abdel Kareem Band - Lama Bada Yatathanna   
3- Qawwali-Flamenco - Ya Mustafa
4- Sattar - Gole Naz                            
5- Halil Sezai  - Paramparça
6- Mariia Guraievska - Water Nymphs      
7- Autostrad - El Lila Ya Samra (Cover)       
8- Avital meets Avital - Maroc                       
9- Borgore & Dudu Tassa - Wayak                               
10- EL PELE - Pañolillo que te dí      
11- Omar Fathy – Ajaban Lghazaal Kattal    
12- Estarabim - Erkin Koray               
13- Besh o drom - Meggyujtom a Pipam                    
14- Ali Amran & Rachid Azzouz - Extraits  Yennayer
15- Campagnies Musicales du Tafilalet - Lejbal ly Derkook Alya
16- Lilian Vieira - Longe      
17- Sachal Studios' Orchestra - Everybody Hurts
18- George duke - For all we know  
19- Thimios atzakas - NADA             
20- Stephan Micus - Passing Cloud                
21- Mascarimiri - Rachid-Pizzica

A Weekend to discover Talented Moroccan designers. Sea, Sun and Artsy atmosphere made of Design, Fashion, Deco, Books,Food and Music.

When : 24-25 May 2014

Where : Eden Wed - Beach Club Oued Cherrat

For the very special summer edition of The Souk Market, I am very Happy to get you in the mood and share with all of you the very colorful  "The Souk On The Beach" Playlist.

Vol I

2- Concha Buika - La nave del olvido
3- New York Gypsy All Stars - Sen sev beni
4- Alsarah & The Nubatones - Nuba Noutou
5- Jawhar - Shahrayar Blues
6- Mashrou’ Leila - Bahr
7- Scraps - 1982
8- Passenger Feat Gabrielle Huber  - Travelling Song
9- Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap
11-Kedjevara  -Tchoucou Tchoucou
12-Ana Tijoux - Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Mansour)
13-Ibrahim Ma'alouf - They Don't Care About Us
14-She'Koyokh -  Esmera Min
15-Reda Taliani Heavy Metal Cover  - Va Bene 
16-Daft Punk - Get Lucky (DJ Pretentious Oriental Chillout Remix)
17-Yasmin Levy  - Una hora en la ventana
18-Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni
19-Tamikrest - Imanin bas zihoun

Vol II

20-Uppers International  - AJA WONDO
21-Lala Njava - Voatse 
22-Féloche - Silbo
23-Harold López Nussa -  Paseo
25-Taraband - Baghdad Choby
26-Bendir Man – Système
27-The ContempArabic Jazz Ensemble -Ah Ya Khlila
28-Led Zeppelin -  The Ocean
29-Samba Touré - Koye Ma
30-Frikstailers - Omeprazol
31-John Butler - OCEAN
32-Muyei Power - Wali Bena
33-Ibibio Sound Machine - The Talking Fish
34-Manu Chao - Sibérie Fleuve Amour
35-Jarabe de Palo - Somos
36-Prince Buster - Madness
37-LO COR DE LA PLANA – Marseille
38-AZIS - Sen Trope

Enjoy The Music

Save The Date

& Have Fun !

Are you ready to listen to some freaky good music?

Sweetology blog is happy to bring you the ultimate Halloween playlist to enjoy alone or in a party with friends.  

Trick or Treat?!  Let's get this Halloween party playlist started : 

1. Michael Jackson - Thriller  
2. System of a Down - Bubbles  
3. Madonna - Frozen  
4. This is Halloween - The Nightmare before Christmas
5. Ray Parker Jr. - GhostBusters Theme Song  
6. Regina Spektor  - You've Got Time-
7. Harry Belafonte -. Jump In The Line
8. The Cranberries - Zombie
9. The Black Keys - Howlin for you  
10. RJD2 - The Horror
11. Stevie Wonder  - Superstition
12. Rob Zombie - Dragula
13. AC/DC - Highway To Hell
14. Daft Punk (feat. Nile Rodgers)- Give Life Back To Music
15. The Five Blobs - The Blob
16. Bonobo - Nightlite
17. Janelle Monáe - Dance Apocalyptic
18. Wild Belle - Keep You
19. M83 - Midnight City
20. Carl Perkins - Put your cat clothes on
21. Rick James - Super Freak
22. Said Senhaji - Aicha  

I remember my childhood and all the songs played everywhere in Morocco at the time. From my father's car playlist to summer hits and celebrations music. The Moroccan Pop music of the late 80s and early 90s is a mix of Folk, Rai, Chaâbi, Oriental and Contemporary styles.

Every family trip, every school party, every long day at the beach and every big fat Moroccan wedding carries a memory of songs that will never die.

Songs of my childhood, with all what it represents in terms of joy and airiness. All the Music i was exposed to at the time, which i necessarily didn't chose to listen to, but which certainly influenced my Musical taste for the rest of my life.

A sample of what i remembered listening to as a kid is in the playlist below, i concentrated this one on Moroccan Pop. I will sure post someday another nostalgic childhood playlist with some international hits and oriental songs. 'till then you can still enjoy one of the best of 80s & 90s Moroccan Pop songs.

1. Frères Bouchnak - Hna Madabina

2. Cheb Anouer - Nekri berrah

3. Tyoussi - Samra

4. Cheb Jamal - Meriem

5. Cheb Kader - Sel Dem Drai

6. Aflak – Wa Taâla N’goulik

7. Fayçal - Ya H’bibi Gouli Malek

8. Hafid Fetouaki - Arwah Assahbi N'talaôu L’jbala 

9. Rajae Belemlih - Ya Jara Wadina

10. Saida Fikri - Salouni Ala L’âdab

11. Jedwane - Dak El Khayen

12. Najat Aâtabou -  J’en ai marre

13. Nouamane Lahlou - Bladi Ya Zine El Bouldane

14. Mohamed Saif - Jay Ala Aâoudou

15. Latifa Raafat - Khouyi

16. Mahmoud Migri - Houriya

Waking Up Scheherazade is a two volume vinyl compilation of Arabian garage psych nuggets from the late 60s and early 70s, that have been hidden for many many years. The rarest of the rarest from Iran to Morocco. Some great north African and middle eastern early rock trash. 

Finding a nuggets album with psychedelic tracks from the middle east and north Africa is hard. One of the reasons why we hear so little of rock examples from Middle Eastern and Arab countries is not that they do not exist, because especially in the 60s and 70s the whole world was open to modern experiments, but many of such scenes quickly closed down in many countries and were replaced by fascist or other extremely “limiting the freedom of creative expressions” Regimes. These records now, stand proud as the voice of a generation that grabbed the opportunity to create new sounds.

The music on the two compilation is not really very psychedelic, It is rather a mixture of 60s rock and pop with a Middle Eastern twist. The singing is in both English and native tongues and the quality of each track is admirable. The wide range of local instruments and the use of electric piano or keyboards  is something that adds a particular flavor to it, don't expect anything over psychedelic , just some slightly eccentric early oriental rock music.

Waking Up Scheherazade volume 1.

1. Sea-Ders - Thanks A Lot   (Lebanon)
2. El-Abranis - Athedjaladde (Algeria)
3. Simon C Edwards And His Soul Set -I Got You (Lebanon)
4. Morocco - Ela Tho (Armenia/USA)
5. Kouroush - Dil Dasa Per Mesha (Iran)
6. The Kool Kats - Step Out (Lebanon)
7. Nai Bonet - The Seventh Veil (Egypt/USA)
8. Tony Franks & The Hippin' Souls - Last Night - Waking Up Scheherazade (Lebanon)
9. Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra - From The Moon (Lebanon)
10. Raks -  Raks Dance (Persia Iran)
11. Kareem Isaaq & Middle Eastern Rock - Besasha (Arab countries/USA)
12. Ray Psyah - Deep Down Inside (Lebanon)
13. Sea-ders - Undecidedly (Lebanon)
14. El-Abranis - Avetheri A L'afjare - (Algeria)
15. Simon C Edwards & His Soul Band - The Way I Do (Lebanon)
16. Morocco - Opa Kukla (Armenia/USA)

Waking Up Scheherazade volume 2.

1. Wrong Notes - Verequoi (Egypt)
2. Shar Habeel - Dance And Cheer (Soudan)
3. Abdelhadi Belryath (Morocco)
4. Feridun Foroughi - Wals Jackle (Iran)
5. News - Tell Me (Lebanon)
6. Dorid Laham - Tamo Yamo (Syria)
7. Les Freres Megri - Sebar (Morocco)
8. Soli - Music Negar (Iran)
9. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Crazy Woman (Lebanon)
10. Wrong Notes - Oriental Tune (Egypt)
11. Shar Habeel - El Bambi (Soudan)
12. Naïma Samith - Zifaf Filfada (Morocco)
13. Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Keep It (Lebanon)
14. Jo And The New Magnifici - Sunshine (Lebanon)

Great news dear Sweetologists, I’m starting monthly playlists so you can enjoy the music I’m sharing in the different social media platforms.

From now on, each month there will be a musical menu specially made for you !

Starting this February with a playlist I was requested to make for Eddokan  Fashion Show in Dubai  on April 2012

The mood of the playlist is very orientalistic. That’s what the fashion collection inspired me at the time. I tried to gather very eclectic musical choices that match perfectly with the spirit of the desert and the arab culture, and in the same time very open to some unexpected sounds. 

Enjoy The Music. 

1- Le Duc – Touareg  

2- Dub jihad - Aleph

3- Fedayi pacha - Space bedouin

4- Balkan Beat Box - Gypsy Queens

5- Shantel - Andante Levante

6- Axiom of Choice - Choaos of paradise

7- Brian Jones, The Master Musicians of Jajouka - Take me with you

8- Tinariwen - Cler achel

9- From cairo - Ride my camel

10- Dhafer Youssef - Nouba

11- Darren Worth - The Sahara  

12- Nitin Sawhney feat Natasha Atlas - Hope

13- KAHINA Kabyle version

14- Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Hasret

Here's an insight of Eddokan Fashion show in Dubai

The "Maroc Web Awards" is a yearly Moroccan event that aims to encourage the Moroccan Web Community.

Fifteen categories (start-ups, developers, web agencies, photographers, bloggers and socialites), five successful editions and for this year's sixth edition SWEETOLOGY is nominated in 3 categories :

Best Female Blogger for SWEETOLOGY Blog

Best Female Tweep for @TheSweetology

Best Web Article for A-ton besoin d'une journée? 

Very delighted and honored to not only be nominated in one category, but in three! This is of course because of You reading SWEETOLOGY Blog, You supporting SWEETOLOGY's web publications and You following  SWEETOLOGY on Twitter.

Thank You all for the tremendous Support, Encouragement and Love.

The Call for Votes : 

A Facebook event was Created to share The Call for Votes with your homies and contacts. Feel free to share and spread the word around you as much as you can. 

I invite all of you to vote for SWEETOLOGY in the Maroc Web Awards in three categories (Best Female Blogger - Blogueuse de l'année / Best Female Tweep - Twitteuse de l'année / Best Web Article - Article en ligne de l'année) HERE 

The Voting deadline is January 30th 2013

Here is an illustrated "how to vote" in 5 steps :

STEP 1 - Get Started
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STEP 2 - Identify
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STEP 3 - Vote for SWEETOLOGY Blog
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STEP 4 - Vote for @TheSweetology
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STEP 5 - Vote for "A-t-on besoin d'une journée?"
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Each and every vote is important. All for The Win !!

The bohemian paradise that Morocco was back in the sixties attracted many of the world first class artists. Nobody forgets about Jimi Hendrix visit neither the Rolling stones. 

In the late 1960 the Rolling stones first visit to Morocco let them discover the trans like sufi sounds of the Jajouka Music.

The BBC documentary "The Stones in Morocco" retraces their summer 1989 visit to Tangier. A three days stay in the magical northern city of Morocco, to record live sessions with The Master Musicians of Jajouka in Tangier's Palais Ben Abbou, to finaly give birth to the "Continental drift" song from the "Steel Wheels" album. 

The Stones in Morocco Part I

The Stones in Morocco Part II

The Stones in Morocco Part III

The Rolling Stones - Continental Drift 

It all started with a heart beat

Close your eyes

Listen to your breath

To the World around you

Every step is a Note 

Every action is a Melody

In the name of Rhythm


& Life

Short film by Thomas Roebers
Baro, Guinee, Africa

Also called Turkish Roman Dance, is one of the most energetic and joyful world folk dances.

The Gypsy community travelled long distances while migrating all over the world, lived in different countries and embraced different cultures.

That’s why the Gypsy community has one of the richest cultural and artistic backgrounds; they have their own music, dance, costumes and ceremonies.

In Turkey there’s three big groups : Bulgarian Pomagi, Greek Pomagi and Macir or Roman. The community’s most common jobs are circus, musicians, farm work and dance.

The common Turkish Gypsy dances are Romanian : mastika, bir sari yilan, tulum, sirto, kampana, karsilama, roman, sulukule, agir roman and kaba roman.

The dances can be performed as a solo or in a group. They represent personal skills, daily life and love stories.

The Turkish Gypsy dance is present in all celebrations: marriages, school proms, musicals and Tv shows.

The dancers, animated by the sounds of traditional gypsy music, move slowly and elegantly with the rhythm and as the music gets faster, the vitality of the dancers increases, till the dancer and music become one.

The n°1 Turkish Belly dancer " Didem" performing Turkish Gypsy Dance

solo Didem performance

Didem joined on stage by a gentleman

Turkish Gypsy Dance class

Turkish Gypsy Dance gala

Original Turkish Gypsy community wedding celebration and dance 

Ron Fricke (Director) and Mark Magidson (Producer) are back again with Samsara after their 1992 master piece Baraka.

In the same line, Samsara is a non narrative documentary about "humanity's relationship to the eternal".  

Expected to be as breathtaking as the previous, the film was shot in about 100 different locations in 25 countries and took around five years to make. 

Releasing worldwide this summer, Samsara is expending the themes developed in Baraka and its powerful sound and image.

The film is an open invitation to meditate on the relationship of human life cycle and the rhythm of the planet.

Samsara : The Trailer

Baraka : The Movie (Full)

What we need the most in this world is to get in touch with what we really are. Our original human essence, how we were at the time life started on the planet. Emotions and Spirituality at their raw state.

In one of those remote control tours of the Nilesat, you could easily note that the Arabic Music nowadays sounds like one of those Haifa Wehbe junk songs : soulless with too much silicone and too little talent.

Rotana the biggest Arabic Music label and entertainment broadcaster and many similar mainstream Arabic Music makers produce Music that don’t sound or look like we do!

We , the Arabic youth with our problems, our everyday life, our dreams and our hopes don’t feel concerned with what’s going on in the Nilesat !!

But where is the Music?

Certainly not on TV !!

A bunch of young people who look like us, dress like us, talk like us, full of talent and creativity decided to make Music and fortunately those Artists are everywhere in the Arabic region and their Music translates our heart beat and it’s called : Alternative Arabic Music.

Representing Jordan :

Arabic Rock band formed in 2003 first known by their Abdel Haleem Hafez “Kol Ma Gool El Tobah” Cover, they’ve been largely followed in Jordan after the release of their first hit song “Salma”. In a few years, Jadal band became one of the veteran Arabic Rock bands not only in Jordan but in the whole Arabic region

“Autostrad” means the High way, formed in 2007 is a Pop, Reggae, Funk band that came together after the launch of Yazan Al-Rousan Main Singer first Solo album “Telfizion” in 2006 and had to collect musicians from Amman to present the album in several theaters and halls, which had a big success in Jordan. After one year a decision was made to start performing together as a band and the Album came out in 2009  

A Drummer/Percussionist and Lyricist  also part of “El Morabba3” band “expression by music is part of a constant strive to understanding our people...always and everywhere.. but from these banks of the river..the river of Jordan..known by all of the Abrahamic religions and taken hostage by all history's home.. .is where am starting...” he proudly says

Since 2007 this 4 members band Arabic Grunge/Punk/Rock, write songs where tunes are hybrid of their main eclectic Rock influences

Representing Lebanon :

Talented singer and songwriter since 1990. Her music is a perfect mix between the traditional Arabic music and the western sounds. Tania’s songs are mostly about the daily worries of society,  love, hate and what’s in between  

"Overnight Project" is a Lebanese seven-member alternative rock band formed in Beirut in 2008 in a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. Mashrou’ Leila has released two controversial albums due to their satirical themes and lyrics

At the beginning there was soapkills: electro minimalist duo founded in 1999 with Ziad Hamdan, then came Y.A.S : electro pop duo with Mirwais Ahmadzaï founded in 2007 and finaly Yasmine Hamdan plays it solo and releases her 5th album in 2012 with Kuwaidan records. An artist of talent bringing life with Technicolor


Representing Egypt :

A 20 years old rapper from Egypt his music is the voice of the Egyptian revolution, currently living in Cairo and giving many local concerts, the young Nubian Rapper is working on his 1st album a proudly representing Egyptian Rap

A five member band who’s name is a mix between Cairo and Karaoke to symbolize "singing along" and to expresses the bands connection with their audience. They Became famous during the Egyptian revolution with his duet song with Aida El Ayoubi “Ya El Medan” and their Coca Cola advert song

Started Hip Hop with “Asfalt”  in 2005 that he left in 2007 to create “Weghet Nazar”  duo with Mohamed Yasser. Since 2010 he’s working solo and released 3 albums “ El Salam El Bared” is his last

Founded in Alexandria by 4 musicians in 2005 the band sings what the Egyptian society suffers from mixing Oriental Music with Rock, Jazz and Blues

Young Egyptian Actress and Singer, her Music is indentified as contemporary experimental : unconventional mix of Rock, Oriental, Funk and Classical Music fused with a voice imbued with Drama

Representing Tunisia :

Myrath, Oriental Metal band, also known as X-Tazy in 2001. Starting as a group of teenagers playing covers, they released their first album in 2005. Changing the band name to Myrath, they recorded their second album with Kevin Codfert in 2006 and it was their carrier turning point they were signed by the French label Brennus Music, who released their album worldwide in 2007. The albums followed up and the band is now known by its mix between traditional Arabic music and Metal

Tunisian singer, author and composer, revelated by the audience in the first edition of Price RMC Middle East 2006 in Amman. An urban Arab Music mixing the sincerity of her speech to oriental sounds, electro and afro-rock rythmes  

A Reggae Dub Music band from Tunis. With his five members, the band is in a perpetual evolution. The band’s performances and lyrics don’t stop moving in order to push the Tunisian youth to think more about what happens in the country 

This avant-garde Tunisian musician released her first album in 2009 is currently living in London. Her Music is a perfect mix of strong lyrics, oriental sounds and modern beats

Representing Palestine

This British Palestinian Rapper is making a Musical intifada. the young lady of middle eastern rap is raising her voice to speak up what’s happening in Palestine in a form of a what we can call a non-violent revolutionary protest songs

Music composer and Oud, Buzuq, and vocal performer.  His lyrics express a the different faces of human condition. His project “Mir'ah” is his first experimental album released in 2008

Reggae band from the Occupied Golan Heights/ Palestine. they emerged as one of the most talented new bands singing in Arabic a funky African inspired Reggae/ska grooves

Representing Arabia :

This  25  Iranian born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Studied music and sound engineering in Amman, Jordan and currently living in Riyadh is one of the raising stars of the Net this Music Buzz Machine is famous for doing Mainstream Arabic song covers with a very particular harmonic singing technique

Representing Morocco :

The new Moroccan Music scene emerged in the late 90’s with the dynamism of the cultural activism known as the “Nayda” movement

Hoba Hoba Spirit, Darga, H-kayne, Fnaire, Don Bigg, Muslim, Haoussa, Barry, Oum, Khansa Batma, Mazagan … and so many others are the main leader artists of the new Moroccan Music scene

Casa Nayda Documentary by Farida Bel Yazid

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